Return to Eden was started by nature lover, and former high school science teacher, Karen Heisz, in response to her belief that urban property owners have an ideal opportunity to support the living creatures and the natural systems in our city, restoring nature's diversity and building resilience to weather events on our own properties.

The dream started several years ago when she read "Bringing Nature Home" by Douglas W. Tallamy and "Noah's Garden" by Sara Stein. Certificates in Sustainable Urban Agriculture and Horticulture from the University of Guelph, as well as a Diploma in Organic Land Care from Gaia College, prepared Karen to follow her heart into this area of service to property owners.  She is a  SOUL Certified Organic Land Care Professional and an instructor of the Organic Master Gardener course with the Canadian Organic Growers.


It is Karen's hope that by helping property owners understand and use nature's methods to care for their gardens, the insects and animals that are necessary to healthy, diverse ecosystems will once again find a home in our city.  She is confident that, in return, our love and appreciation for our own properties will only grow.

 Bring nature back to your property, and delight in her beauty and elegance.

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