Services Provided:

Native Plant Specialist:  
Starting from the beginning, or re-working a current design?  Karen will work with you to create a design that is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and supportive of wildlife.  She will suggest trees, foundation plants and perennials that are suitable for your site conditions, as well as supportive of wildlife.  She can assist you in creating the planting layout, and will provide a maintenance schedule for your property to ensure that the plants remain healthy.  Karen can also assist with the site selection, creation and planting schedule of food gardens.  

Presentations:  ​
Invite Karen to your next meeting!  She will create a presentation specific to your group's needs and interests.


Transition to Organic:  
Are you ready to rely on Mother Nature's methods instead of harmful chemicals?  Wonderful! Karen will provide you with the knowledge you need to restore the health of your soil, which is absolutely necessary for healthy plants and nutritious food. 

Composting Solutions: 
There is no such thing as too much compost!  Healthy plants require healthy soil, and the ability to use all of one's own organic waste to make good quality compost is very helpful to gardeners wishing to avoid the use of chemical fertilizers. Karen will work with you to establish indoor and outdoor composting systems and can assist with troubleshooting if the need arises.


Karen respects that every property is different, and no two clients will want, or need, the same information or assistance. For extensive and/or on-going projects, Karen will work with each client to determine a reasonable fee for the requested service.  

Let Karen help you to:

  • grow food and ornamental gardens while working with Nature
  • create functional spaces that are low-maintenance and Nature-friendly
  • make use of all of your organic waste to create quality compost
  • create a protective haven for wildlife in the city

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